Natural wonders

Relais de Chambord sits within a highly exclusive area

As the Château de Chambord’s domain was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. We are custodians of this cultural and natural treasure and are honored with the privilege of being part of it.


Rarely occupied throughout the centuries, the Château de Chambord keeps much of its original appearance; a medieval structure with a Renaissance execution, a style Francois embellished his surroundings with.

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He loved Italian architecture, and in particular the work of Leonardo DaVinci, so much that in 1516 the king invited the polymath genius to sojourn in the French court as “premier painter, architect and engineer of the king”. 

Indications that reveal the work of Leonardo da Vinci
Indications that reveal the work of Leonardo da Vinci

The greek cross-shaped design of the keep, double helix staircase and the sealing system on the terraces reveal the work of Leonardo da Vinci in the Château de Chambord.


The park: more than 1,500 acres of protected forest to reconnect with nature

The Chambord domain offers the largest enclosed nature reserve in Europe, a forest that hosts many species of wild flora and fauna, including deers, foxes, wild boars, different species of ducks, as well as wide biodiversity of birds and fish, among many others. A unique place to wander or to ride a bicycle to discover the Great Canal, the wild life observatories, the vineyards of Chambord or the organic vegetable gardens,…


home to hundreds of castles from the Renaissance era

An ensemble of majestic monuments of history and fortune. Due to our centric location, Relais de Chambord’s guests can enjoy day-trips that include not only magnificent castles but historic towns, vineyards, local gastronomy and culture.

Les chateaux de la Loire - Le château de Chambord

Close to Relais de Chambord

These are some of the most impressive châteaux:

Blois and its catle: 20 min.
Château de Cheverny: 20 min.
Château de Chaumont sur Loire: 40 min.
Château d’Amboise: 50 min.
Beauval Zoo: 50 min.
Château de Chenonceau: 55 min.
Château de Sully-sur-Loire: 1:15 h.
Château de Villandry: 1:15 h.

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