Like a Royal

Like a Royal

We propose you an extraordinary route through some of the gorgeous castles and gardens that the Loire Valley hosts, some of them, declared World Historical Monuments. Discover why.

The Loire Valley is the jewel of France that the French Royalty chose to build some of their most iconic castles. Here we suggest you an itinerary through four of these stunning castles, just 20 minutes away from Relais de Chambord:

Château de Cheverny
Located between Blois and Chambord, this attractive castle is one of the best preserved castles in France and worth visiting to both admire its classical and Renaissance architecture and the sumptuous interiors with charming gardens. As a matter of fact, Château de Cheverny was the one that inspired Hergé, the author of Tintín.

Château Royal de Blois
Located in the city center of Blois, this is one of the castles that was declared World Heritage in 2000. The impresive structure includes four architectural styles with a 13th-century Medieval fortress as well as Gothic, Renaissance and Classical wings.

Parc et Château de Beauregard
With lovely English-style gardens and full of history, this sophisticated castle located in the center of the Loire Valley was also declared Historical Monument. Its Renaissance architecture, its museum and the 40 acre landscaped park makes this castle the perfect choice for families to relax while enjoying the natural beauty of the region.

Château de Talcy
If you still have time, we suggest you to visit this charming castle from the Renaissance. Lying to the North of the Loire River, you can have a tour through some of its interior spaces, each one with its own story.